Kitchen Knives You Should Have

There are different kinds of knives that we can use in our kitchens when we cook meals for our families. These types of knives have their own peculiar uses and if you use the wrong knife for the wrong purpose, you will not only have a difficult time using it, you will also waste time in doing the things which should have been done easily with the use of the proper knife. Below are some of the different kinds of knives that you should have in your kitchen.

The first type of knife that handles most of the jobs in the kitchen is the chef's knife. There are different types of chef's knife depending on the material used for it. The blade of a chef's knife is usually eight to ten inches in length and is perfect in providing you with many great ways to cut your food in the kitchen. You can use a chef's knife for chopping and dicing. However, this is not the type for skinning meat or vegetables. You use another type of best chef knife  for that.

A paring knife is a small knife that is used for slicing and mincing small items when the chef's knife is too large. It can be used for peeling potatoes and fruits. A parting knife cannot be used for harder foods like carrots. Pairing knives and chef's knives are perfect companions of each other for what one cannot do the other one can.

Another type of knife is the serrated knife. This type of knife is one that is difficult to sharpen because of the blade's shape. This type is the one we use for cutting bread and foods that have a waxy surface. If the blade of a serrated knife is six inches long, then it is perfect for cutting any bread which you can easily force in because of its design.

A boning knife is a long thin blade which is used for removing the meat from bones of meat and fish. Sometimes the blades of a boning knife are flexible so that all the pieces of meat are removed from the bones. In a sense, this type of knife gives you little waste because every single piece of meat is cut off from the bone. This knife simply goes around the bones but it does not cut through them. Another type of knife should be used for cutting through the bones.

When you are looking for a good knife, you need to find a store where you can test out the knife to see if it will work for you. There are some stores where they allow customers to do this. If you get the right kinds of knives, it will give you years of great working in the kitchen. Read on for more info.